Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Twitter Discussion

Twitter is a very efficient tool for status update. But when use it for a discussion; it is not that efficient because of the 140 characters limitation. I prefer short but for discussion twitter is too short. When you have strong feeling toward a discussion, it often end up that you are not able to express your opinion within the 140 characters. Twitter is also kind of unorganized in which it often confused me on who is replying to which posts. We also can’t change/edit our posts. One good thing about twitter is that we can catch everyone’s point in a glance. As compare to Black Board discussion, twitter is somehow more users friendly. Black Board is very organize but it also make Black Board very annoying, I have to click so much time to get to my destination page and the system was down frequently. But it is improving and become more stabilize this year. I think the traditional face to faces class discussion is still the most productive, interactive and sometimes more interesting.


  1. Seems everyone hates the 140 character limit. I also had trouble getting my messages across because of the character limit.

  2. Overall i love twitter. And 140 charater limitation is annyoing sometime to convey the message but it's no big deal. Twitter discussion we had for class was amazing experience.