Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blogs vs. Wikis

Blogs and Wikis are two of the most popular used web based new media, where anyone with an internet connection can access to the contents and create their own. Both Blogs and Wikis are free. They are widely used by users around the world to share information in the online community.
I think the main difference between blogs and wikis is that blogs are individuals or personal, where wikis are more collaborative. In blogs, owners share their personal stories, feelings, and opinions on topics that interest them. And provide a space for visitors with common interests to comment on their posts without any change to the original contents. Blogs work as a platform for individuals to communicate information. On the other hand, in wikis, individual users start a web page on interesting topics and/or facts, seeking for the collaboration of others to a finish product by allowing distributors to freely revise and edit on the contents. Wikis work as a tool for individuals and teams to collaborate toward a common goal. It is this efficiency and borderless way of communicating and collaborating brought people around the world more closely together than ever before. (Wikis at work: Up from the grassroots by Rob Edmonds E.learning Age; Oct 2006; p. 14)

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