Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Old vs. New

How do we distinguish “new” media from “old” media? First, let’s look at the question itself. Why are the words “new” and “old” in quotation marks? 21st century is the era of change; things are change in a rapid pace. Things that are new today will become old in a short time. However, when it comes to the term, media, I think new and old can be distinguishing by how users consume media. For instance, when we borrow or buy a book (old media) we read it and comments on the book by express our thoughts with friends. Now, we may go to the online forum (new media) of that particular book and share our thoughts with other forum members. In the old day, people wrote diaries, now they post blogs; people sent mails, now they send emails. New media are the new ways of doing old things.


  1. True, majority of 'new' media are pretty much enhancements of the 'old'. Part of the enhancement is that we are now able to receive and send information at an unprecedented fast speed; which I believe plays in the overall advantage of the 'new' media.

  2. New media are much faster and better than old one. It makes over lives much much more easier.